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Side Scan Sonar

In the area around Sundsvall there are plenty of known and registered foundries.

So far it has been impossible to find these wrecks due to their location and also because the lack of technical equipment. Now however we have the equipment and knowledge required!

We have a Side Scan Sonar!

the "V-Wrecks"
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What is a Side Scan Sonar?

Side Scan Sonar utrustningA Side Scan Sonar can simply be explained as a torpedo looking iron-pole (towfish) with two echoes attached on each side sending signals horizontal instead of vertical. The signals are transmitted to the dinghy via a fibre optical cable where the signals are converted by a computer into an image displayed on a colour-monitor as a 3-dimensional image. The towfish has a search area of 150 meters in each direction.
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Attend a course in Side Scan Sonar!

Stays a dream for many...
...but can be reality for you!

Sundsvalls Sea Adventures offers you a unique chance to attend a project where you can be the first one to discover and dive on one or many so far unknown shipwrecks.

Contact us for more information about this.


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